How is our CSO run?

The Groups run their CSO. They do this through Central Service Representatives (CSRs) who act as the contact between their Group and the CSO. These Group representatives also elect a Steering Committee responsible for the day to day running of the Central Service Office for a term of two years.

What is the Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee is usually elected from the CSRs but other members can take on particular roles. It accounts to the CSRs for CSO activities and seeks guidance from them on matters of policy and direction. The CSRs are, in turn, responsible to their Group so that Groups, in line with Concept Two, ‘…have all of the final responsibility and authority that there is.’

If a CSR accepts a position on the Steering Committee, their Group should elect a replacement CSR so that no member has more than one role in AA service.

The core Steering Committee always has a Chair, Convener and Treasurer who would ideally:


  • Motivate members to do service through the CSO and support their initiatives
  • Be available to chair Quarterly CSR Meetings and Steering Committee meetings as required
  • Arrange the business of the meetings (with the Convener)
  • Prioritise service activities (with the Volunteer Coordinator)
  • Be focused on consensus agreement and fairness
  • Be able to progress issues even if contention arises


  • Arrange Quarterly CSR Meetings and Steering Committee meetings
  • Record agreed decisions and other business
  • Report back on actions taken and any known outcomes
  • Work closely with the Steering Committee and Groups to ensure the smooth running of the CSO business and distribution of information


  •  Make sure that Group contributions go towards carrying the message
  • Make CSO payments
  • Provide an Income & Expenditure Statement to each Steering Committee meeting
  • Report quarterly to CSRs on the state of CSO finances.

The CSRs may also create any number of other service roles to insure the smooth running of the office or to utilise special skills of members. These roles may include, for example:

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Encourage and support members to do CSO service
  • Keep an up-to-date list of volunteers
  • Match Volunteers to service activities and guide them through tasks if necessary
  • Advise the Chair on service priorities and skill-base
  • Gather and communicate CSO information to Volunteers

Office Coordinator

  • Be responsible for the practical day-to-day running of the CSO, including having it open, provisioned, phones answered and emails dealt with
  • Monitor Volunteers working in the CSO
  • Liaise and work with Steering Committee members
  • Be able to be at the office at least once a week
  • Note: This position is for a minimum of three years with the option to serve for a fourth year, after which the Coordinator rotates out of the position.

Literature Coordinator

  • Order, display, sell and distribute conference approved AA literature.

The CSRs may also set up teams of AA members to look
after particular channels of carrying the AA message. Each of
these teams would report to the Steering Committee through a
coordinator for projects such as, for example: Public Information;
Treatment Facilities; and, a Newsletter.