How do I become a Central Service Representative?

Your Group elects you at its Group Conscience. It’s best that you have a reasonable length of sobriety before you become a CSR: the period is at the discretion of your Group.

What is required of a CSR?

A Central Service Representative:

  • acts as a two-way street between their Group and the CSO: they keep their Group informed of the activities and needs of the CSO and seek guidance from the Group on any issues that may arise; and,
  •  is required to attend Quarterly CSR Meetings where they participate in the decision making of the CSO through the ‘right of decision’ principle. (Observers are welcome at these meetings but only CSRs can vote.)

How long can I serve as a CSR?

CSO endorses the long form of Tradition Nine which says that ‘Rotating leadership is the best.’ Most Groups appoint their CSRs to represent them for a two-year term which gives you time to experience some success with different ways of carrying the message.