Each year, Sydney City CSO costs around $25,000 to run. The major annual expenses are shown in the chart:funding

This money comes from sale of literature (around 40% of funds) and Group contributions (around 60% of funds).

Sale of AA literature raises around $11,000 each year. This service is selfsupporting and even contributes a little to the running of the CSO. Your Group is doubly assisting to carry the message
whenever it buys literature from the Sydney City CSO. For information, other Twelve Step Fellowships also buy AA literature from the CSO.

This leaves a $14,000 shortfall each year that twenty-five Groups currently cover through AA’s suggested 60/30/10 Plan.

You are helping carry the message through Sydney City CSO each time you contribute at the meetings listed below. (Some Group contributions cannot be more precisely identified, or even acknowledged, because they contributed without making clear who the money was from.)

However, as at April 2009, 86 Groups run 120 meetings each week in Sydney’s Inner West, CBD and Eastern Suburbs. If all meetings chipped in equally, this would amount to $2.24 per week from each Seventh Step collection.

There are four ways the other 60 Groups in Sydney’s Inner West, CBD and Eastern Suburbs can also contribute to our CSO carrying the message. Your Treasurer can:

  1. drop in cash or a cheque when the office is open; or,
  2. post your cheque made out to  Sydney City CSO’ (clearly identifying your Group) to PO Box 478, BONDI JUNCTION 1355; or,
  3. get the CSO to send you a deposit book with a unique code for your Group and then deposit at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank into BSB 062 006 Account number 1012 7240; or,
  4. transfer funds electronically to the above account, clearly identifying your Group, preferably with the same unique code the CSO gives you in a deposit book.